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Thursday | October 02, 2014 | 5:45 PM

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes

Health, happiness, peace, wisdom, success... All this and much more we learn how to achieve in the Doctrine of the Universalist Spiritual Center (CEU, in Portuguese) of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit1. For this purpose, in a meeting commanded by Brother José de Paiva Netto, President-Preacher of the Religion of the Third Millennium, the noble Spirit Dr. Bezerra de Menezes (1831-1900) brings us comfort, warning, encouragement, and the certainty of victory.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 17, 2012, Saturday, 5 p.m.
Sensitive: Chico Periotto.

Dr. Bezerra (Coordinator in the Spiritual World of the World Revolution of the Spirits of Light) declared:

The greatest balm of Spirituality

God is Present!

1) My Brothers and Sisters, in the fluidification of the physical vessel, the Phalanx of Spirits of the Good Will of God diligently contribute to the blessed connection with the Celestial Universe.

2) We are beneficiaries of the Chain of the Greatest Good Will by means of vibrations with the Ethereal. Let us connect ourselves with the Forces of Good, not allowing anything, absolutely anything, to harm the physical and spiritual vessel.

3) Balance your hearts and in this manner the Blessed Guardian Angels will be able to unblock your channels of sensitivity with lightness and Good Will.

4) We humbly deliver ourselves into the hands of Christ and of the Holy Spirit and we feel better, peaceful, receiving, happily, the greatest balm of Spirituality.

5) Fluidificating the physical vessel is receiving the Divine Nourishment, the help from Heaven above for the development of our life on Earth. 

6) Learn to enter into the vibration of the cosmic channel of the Greater Spirituality, by moderating your thoughts without nonsense. We are guided by Blessed Forces, which lead us along the right paths.

Law of Affinity and Law of Attraction


7) Alleviating the heart of dense feelings and welcoming the Blessed Vibrations of the Heavenly Father is the safe path for supplicants from all layers on Earth. However, we have to deserve to receive this balm.

8) The Spirits of God wish to channel your greater potentialities. But what places do we frequent by way of our mental screens? What attitudes do we adopt on Earth to deserve the attraction of the benevolent Guardian Spirits? 

9) The Law of Affinity and the Law of Attraction are serious laws that provide us with permanent learning.

10) Open the books of our Greater Brother Paiva Netto. Walk the paths of the Superior Spirituality through the pages offered by millennia of compulsory connection with the Forces of the Celestial Father.

Infallible recipe

11) Are we complying well with this simple and infallible recipe that is within our reach? Because pain and suffering will come. But those who are integrated with the doctrinaire armor of the Fourth Revelation overcome all obstacles that may arise.

12) Knowing and applying. We have to read and take the balsam of spiritual knowledge to our daily lives, and around us generate, in enormous harmony, the perfect accompaniment of the Heavens. And remember that earthly distractions are implacable collectors and impiously attack those who let themselves be seduced by criminal and perishable paths, which do not belong to Christ our Lord.

13) It is no use distancing ourselves from obsessions just on a particular day. We must take care of the trail, the path, the safe road every day, with our Paladins from Heaven and with responsibility. All of this is materialized before the eyes of every one. There are so many blessings being transmitted, by radio and TV networks, by writings, and by way of abundant technology, with the lessons left by Jesus Christ, the Ecumenical One of the People!

14) Blessed is the Religion of the New Commandment of Jesus, which provides everyone with Superior Spirituality! Blessed is our Greater Brother Paiva Netto, who never stops fighting for his Lord, for our Lord, the Christ of God.

Let us be Guardian Angels incarnate

15) Clean your minds, your hearts and, in whatever environment you find yourselves in, warn theindividuals to take care, because evil acts quickly and perversely, when we get distracted, by means of so many ills that everyone knows only too well: alcohol, drugs, gossip, bad conversation, and promiscuous sex, which generate spiritual disgrace to all.

16) Let us be Guardian Angels incarnate, with the purpose of improving the environments in which we find ourselves, reforming them with the powerful vibrations of Christ, not diverting our attention to those who want nothing to do with Spirituality.

Let us sing Ave, Maria!

17) Let us sing the heavenly songs of Ave, Maria!, which touches the heart of our Holy Mother, eternal and true Mother, distancing ourselves from the vibrations that do not belong to our Lord Jesus, the Divine Redeemer.

18) The destiny of the lives of those whom all the Brothers and Sisters love so much lies in their hands. Introducing worthy vibrations from Eternity in the environments we attend is a decisive factor before Those who, from on High, are observing us yesterday, today, and eternally.

Our gratitude and invocations to the Heavens

19) On our knees we thank Christ for giving us life, for giving us breath, for allowing us to continue to evolve in the direction of the Celestial Firmaments. We also thank His Mother, the Virgin Mary, who every day extends her Sacred Mantle, comforting those who suffer so much.

20) And we thank the Caravan of the Good Will of God and the Phalanxes of Spirits, who spare no effort, night and day, day and night, in healing the wounds that lacerate the lives of so many supplicant Brothers and Sisters on Earth and in Heaven.

21) We are all blessed for receiving the sincere and loyal friendships, full of Good Will in their Souls.

22) My Brothers and Sisters, when we tune into the frequency of the Blessed Phalanxes from Heaven, we can accomplish the impossible; yes, that which seems to be impossible on Earth and to men.

23) To our Greater Brother Paiva Netto, who sustains the immense work of Good Will on Earth, to the Master Jesus we ask and supplicate for His eternal comfort for him.

24) And to those who honor us in the Meeting of the Universalist Spiritual Center of the Religion of the New Commandment of Jesus, may the Guardian Angels here present touch your centers of strength, your reinvigorating plexuses, so you may be even more imbued with the Causes of the Fourth Revelation, in the Religion of Universal Love.

Jesus can do everything

25) Jesus is greater than everything. He can and does everything! Let us be alert to this fact andnot distracted by other purposes.

26) Many thanks, my dearest Friend and Brother Paiva Netto and all of our Brothers and Sisters gathered here from Earth and from Heaven.

Hail Jesus forever in our hearts!

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1 – Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit — also called the Religion of the New Commandment of Jesus, the Religion of the Third Millennium, and the Religion of Universal Love. This is the Ecumenical Religion of Brazil and the world.

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