Celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Temple of Good Will

In 2020, the pilgrimage to the TGW was straight from home! Thousands of people felt the sacred energy of the Temple of Peace through the 100% Jesus Communication (radio, TV, and the Internet).

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Tuesday | October 13, 2020 | 11:20 AM

Every year thousands of pilgrims gather at the Temple of Good Will (TGW) in October for its fraternal anniversary celebrations.

In the month in which it completed 31 years of existence, the Pyramid of the Blessed Souls, of the Luminous Spirits, invited everyone to experience a new and modern concept of pilgrimage “straight from home.” This ensured the necessary social distancing, as recommended by the authorities during the new coronavirus pandemic.

All month long and without having to leave their homes, thousands of families experienced remarkable moments of this spiritual celebration, which this year took on new proportions and dimensions.

In an event that was broadcast in its entirety by the Good Will Media (radio, TV, and the Internet), pilgrims had the opportunity to make their own homes an extension of each sacred and ecumenical room of the TGW.

They took part in the whole program planned for celebrating the anniversary of the monument and experienced the most sublime expression of Accomplishing Faith, in an event that promotes the meeting of the Two Humanities: from Earth and from Heaven.

Program highlight:

Thiago Martins
rgb(255, 255, 255);">In the solemn session, everyone could relive the emotions of the unforgettable celebrations of the TGW's 30th anniversary, which took place in 2019 and was conducted by Paiva Netto. On that occasion, more than 100 thousand pilgrims were present in the capital city of Brazil to pay tribute to the Temple of Peace. 

The most anticipated moment of the celebrations took place on Wednesday, October 21, when there was a satellite transmission to the whole world of the solemn session with the builder of the Temple of Peace, Brother Paiva Netto. With his fraternal message, he conducted the powerful Ecumenical Chain of Prayers of the Temple of Good Will – “Hope Never Dies.”

Vivian R. Ferreira

At this moment, we relived the emotions of the unforgettable Legionnaire Congress that took place on October 19, 2019, in Brasília (Brazil), when Brother Paiva said that we must at all times be “the Temple of Divine Ecumenism multiplied by millions.”

Other highlights:

Throughout the day: Ecumenical Act, ceremony of the Ecumenical Anointing in the Christ of God, Meeting of the Legionnaire Couples, moments of prayer, ecumenical studies, tributes to families, and much more.

1 p.m.: Children’s Musical “The Miracles of Jesus”

8 p.m.: Legionnaire Music Show: “Hope Never Dies,” with songs in Portuguese, Spanish, and English

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