Readers of JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine Comment About Its Ecumenical Content

the Editorial Staff
Thursday | April 18, 2019 | 2:40 PM

After the launching of the JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine, online and printed, readers from all over the world had the opportunity to be in touch with its fraternal content. Bringing their considerations about the ecumenical doctrine of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit we highlighted some of them:

David Sundaram

From North Yorkshire, England, Brother David Sundaram visited the portal of the the Religion of God at: and commented about the presentation of the first issue, that, on his words, is well rounded. He affirmed:

“I’m glad to have you all as colleagues in this mission to raise people’s consciousness to engage in Christ’s Love. Congratulations!”.

Lynette Barreto d'Souza

Sister Lynette Barretto d’Souza, born in Goa, India, was very happy to receive an issue of the JESUS IS ARRIVING! in her visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

“This content certainty will be good to my life. The teachings of Jesus are enriching. I will take with me to London, where I currently live.”

Luiz Fernando Ribeiro, Eran Mani, Letícia Figueiredo, and David Kamber

Sir Eran Mani and David Kamber, from Israel received the Ecumenical magazine of the Divine Religion when they were walking at Rio’s streets, in Brazil, through the hands of volunteers and multipliers of the JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine Letícia Figueiredo and Luiz Fernando Ribeiro. After receiving the issue of the magazine and very thankful he uttered:

“I thought it very interesting. We will read it.”

About the unifying mission of the Religion of the Third Millennium expressed in its universal doctrine, David highlighted:

“We should unite to make Peace in the world. That’s what we should do.”

Austine Choker Ivy

Who also had access to the website of the JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine was the young Austine Choker Ivy, from Lagos, Nigeria. He mentioned about the need of Jesus’ New Commandment (Gospel, according to John, 13:34 and 35), that is the doctrinal basis of the Religion of the Third Millennium.

The emphasis in an unique and truly clarification, simplified to: ALL which is Love! We all should love one another, just how is highlighted in the spiritually revolutionary supreme order of the Divine Master. On that way we bring more Light to humanity, showing that God is not a vengeful idea created by human beings, but a God of Love.”

Receive this fraternal and ecumenical message of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. Get your copy of the JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine by calling to: (696) 398-7128.


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