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Friday | March 27, 2020 | 1:30 PM

The planet Earth with its 7 billion people rotates on its axis. In one day it makes a complete circuit round itself in a period of 24 hours. At the same time, it orbits around the Sun in a velocity of 107 thousand km/h taking 365 periods of 24 hours (one year) to complete a move around the King-Star that it is 149 million km away.

It seems like fiction, but that is, respectively, an astronomic database of rotation and translation movements of our planet, in a continuous motion, which means, without delaying or anticipating and even without scientifically knowing how it began and how it keeps maintained.

We are also part of a Solar System that compared to the known Universe, it is a grain of sand in a giant metropolis.

Is that possible to think that all this divine mechanic and macrocosmic structure in place there will be intelligent life only in our planet?


It seems very pretentious to believe that the planet Earth, still with wars, economic crisis, racism, and many other problems to be solved, it is the intellectual center of the Universe. And that the intelligent principle that created everything chooses a micro place to, just there, manifest rational beings. It would be a huge waste of time and space.

On the premise that we are not alone, the recurring question is “Why then don’t we formally meet the other inhabitants of the Universe?”

Maybe we will get closer to an answer if we improve the way of questioning: “Why would it be that the Lord of All does not allow us all to meet soon?”

Let us think about: would it be possible for us to give a key of a car to a kid eager to drive? Would we, Humanity, be intimately prepared for the eternal cosmic truth? Would they help or would they interrupt our Evolution?

“There are no limits for God’s Universe”

In his article “The Vine and the Skepticism” writer Paiva Netto comes to the subject:

“To better understand the higher environments, it is necessary to accept that they function using Light that is a fluid “matter”, in regions located beyond our understanding. There are spheres beyond the spheres, ahead of what the astronomers consider hyper-space. The border is further away because there are no limits to the Universe of God.

"The Planet is anguishing under the melancholic impact of sentimental needs because it has chosen to develop, through constringent physical ways, instead of “pari passu” acting with the tools offered by the Celestial Inspiration. This is one of the basic steps to be taken in order to enable the Earthy Knowledge to understand the Spirit fundament, that dwells in it.

"Civilization requires unmeasurable investigating qualities but should not forget God. Evidently, it is not a matter of the anthropomorphic being, historical hindrance to the urgent fraternal embrace, that one day will unite two great sisters: Science and Religion."

Bruna Gonçalves

Partial view of the public at the LGW's World Forum Spirit and Science from 2019.

Paiva Netto not only defends the concept of extracorporeal life but also opens space for a philosophical debate that amplifies the investigation about the theme. On the 1st International Ufology Forum hosted by the World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity*¹, the LGW’s ParlaMundi, in Brasília, Brazil, from December 7 to 14, 1997, brother Paiva affirmed: “The world has been discussing the existence of the so-called UFOs for a long time. In this respect, the question is not whether to believe in them or not, but rather to know if these phenomena are true or not. Naturally, proving this reality belongs to Science.”

We can also find in the Gospel of Jesus, according to Luke 21:11, His speech of The Final Days: "There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven."

A milestone in Brazilian history about the subject are the rounds of the LGW’s World Forum Spirit and Science, with their many plenary sessions. Held since 2000 in the LGW’s Parlamundi, the Forum has been attended by physicists, religious, philosophers, astronomers, cosmonauts, and researchers such as Edgar Mitchell (1930-2016), Patrick Drouot, Amit Goswami, Alexander Lazutkin, James Hurtak, Pierre Weil (1924-2008), Ronaldo Mourão (1935-2014), Fernando Salazar, aside from other important personalities.

The release of the ufological researches has always been on the agenda of Legionnaire publications. The first issue of the GOOD WILL magazine, in May 1956, as the following issues, brings the article about flying saucers and UFO sighting in many continents. The veteran Legionnaire of Good Will Derblay de Almeida reports that “before there wasn’t any publication in Brazil that would deal with it seriously. The GOOD WILL magazine spread it a lot because it had a mass circulation.”

Circles on plantations

An unprecedented phenomenon but incredibly beautiful. That’s how many people define those big patterns that have been appearing on plantations in England, in the United States of American, and, on a smaller scale, in other parts of the world, including Brazil.

Crop Circle

The Crop Circles have been leaving scientists ecstatic and many people delightful. They are patterns made on plantations, scrubland, with forms that would make the best craftsman envy. Researchers can identify the perfect mathematical pattern on the structure of its formations. Others associate those circles with the position of a star in the sky. But then who sign these works? What do they want to transmit?

About the topic, we bring the word of the researcher Anna Sharp that among other activities follows the appearances of the unusual Crop Circles. Graduated in Physics and Astronomy, Anna was intrigued by England, the place where it most keeps repeating the phenomenon in the world. She affirms:

Ana Sharp

“The circles are a phenomenon, without a doubt. They are amazing mandalas, patterns highly sophisticated. When I arrived in England, I met teachers from several universities around the world, scientists, ufologists, they were all amazed at the circles. Most of them assigned those patterns to extraterrestrial, intelligent beings from other dimensions.”

But there are variations on this theme. Recently, a phone company in a marketing strategy, drawn a circle of their new chip on a plantation in the United States of America. It already sells tools for farmers to draw on plantations. According to Anna Sharp,

“this turns to launch a doubt about something very serious. In general terms, human beings’ nature always tries to mock what they don’t reach or understand, in a vain way to defend what they ignore. What the subject asks is less skepticism and more research. That’s what the BBC did. To expose possible fraud, they asked a group of 12 males, equipped with all the possible devices (helicopter, modern machines, etc) to copy an existence circle, and they took five days to conclude it . . . When I was in England, many groups of researchers and I made night and day vigil to observe the phenomenon. I remember that once when we were driving our car, somebody said: “Look, there is a light on the sky” but we overlooked it. A few minutes later, we were returning in the same direction, where once there was nothing, we found a Crop Circle on a plantation that we were monitoring. We were impressed. Humanly would be impossible for someone to do that in such a short period of time.”

Scientific chat with the Beyond

Carl Sagan

The fearless, rewarded, scientist, astronomer, astrophysicist, and atheist writer Carl Sagan (1934-1996), on November 16, 1974, sent to the space radio signs with coded information eagerly to contact intelligent extraterrestrial forms. For that, he used a radio telescope installed in the city of Arecibo, in Puerto Rico. He pointed toward the constellation Hercules (Messier 13) a cluster of 300 thousand stars in the Milk Way, 23 thousand light-years from Earth. This information in graphic codes described scientifically human beings and our planet’s characteristics.

On August 14, 2001, 27 years later, a draw appeared on a plantation of the famous Chilbolton Observatory, in England. Its structure was identical to the one that was sent to space by Sagan. Notably, it was a response to the same characteristics’ compilation.

The message was sent by a scientist that reported that carbon is a primordial chemical element for life on Earth. The information returned said that in the place of origin, silicon has this role. Sagan also sent data of height and shape average of human bodies. The reply had the same structure of information but described a body with a well-endowed brain in comparison to our earthly human body.

*¹ LGW’s Parlamundi – Integrates the Ecumenical Complex of the Temple of Good Will, located on Quadra 915 Sul in Brasília/DF, Brazil. For more information, call: (61) 3114-1070.

The information about the Crop Circles was extracted from and the book Crop Circles: Signs of contact, by Colin Andrews with Stephen J. Spignesi.

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