Spiritual Safety in Troubled Times

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes (Spirit) writes an important message.

the Editorial Staff
Thursday | November 22, 2018 | 10:05 AM

Infallible Safety

1) The Spirits of God bring safety, legitimate safety, which is rooted in the heart of Our Heavenly Father.

2) We pray that our dear Brothers realize just how great the role of the followers of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit is.

3) Poor Humanity that carelessly defies the hosts of Christ! Poor Humanity that, playing around, takes a long time to understand the magnanimous transformation that will visibly take place with great power and magnitude among those who govern and those who are governed everywhere.

4) Only with the safety that comes from a heart in tune with the bases of the Gospel and the Apocalypse of Jesus will they be able to survive the dreadful events that are still going to afflict the face of the Earth.

Carl Bloch
 “The Transfiguration” by Carl Bloch (1834-1890)

5) Blessed is the Divine Religion that does not keep quiet, that proclaims and speaks up about the paths that lead to true salvation, to the salvation of the Souls.

6) Dear Friends in Heaven and on Earth here present, maintaining discipline within the hierarchy that the Divine Master Jesus conceived is a task for those who are bright and full of goodness.

7) Let us be strong enough to build and pave the paths that surely lead to Jesus Christ, thus guaranteeing that we sow what we were destined to sow.

8) The harvest is up to the Spirits who watch over the people and who will be in the front, fulfilling the Divine Mandate, the supreme mandate of choice.

9) Safety is born in the hearts truly dedicated to God. Whoever commits their Soul to the Creator will never ever feel insecure. Ever! Because they know that our material life will develop greatly with the eternal purpose of the paths of spiritual progression.

Tela: Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900)

Jesus walks on water

Charity: The Essence of Life in Spirituality

10) When Legions descend from Spiritual Territories that are so far from our earthly planet, overcoming the barriers of very heavy lower spirit zones, and directly help those who encourage Goodness, those who ask for the blessings of Christ, we understand that Spiritual Charity is not just a valuable attribute but also the essence of life in the Spiritual World.

11) Charity is a vehicle that moves the Spirits in the distant celestial spaces. Without Charity, we could say that Christianity would not have the Divine Oxygen that makes it immortal.

12) Let us think about this. Let us ponder on the value of elucidatory Charity that the Religion of Universal Love, headed up by our Greater Brother Paiva Netto, brings to people’s hearts every day through Hertzian, television, or printed waves.

13) Everything is summed up in the Charity of the Spirit, which must be practiced, must be discussed, because the individual who loves and cooperates does not create division, does not hate, and does not act outside God’s limits. The Charity of the Spirit leads us to our own salvation.

14) Let us talk about safety, emphasizing the legitimate Charity, the one that builds with stones, bricks, and cement from Space the character of the Man-Spirit.

Tela: Carl Bloch (1834-1890)

Supper at Emmaus

Prayer to Heaven

15) Our beloved Collaborators in Space join the powerful Chain of Faith and permanent Watchfulness for Peace, for the legitimate Peace and safety of human beings who are one with God.

16) I extend my love and gratitude to everyone, certain that we shall honor the efforts and we shall tread the musical scale on which the great universe is based.

17) Charitable Friends of the Spiritual World, may Jesus bless us all today and always! May we be the magnet permanently able to attract the most beautiful and important chords from the Higher Nature.

18) We pray to the Heavens that the forces that invade us be dignified in the blessed action of our thoughts, our words, and our actions; simultaneously to the warning from our Brother André Luiz (Spirit) on the Triple Harmony with Jesus*, which is deservedly and exhaustively disclosed by the warriors of the Religion of the Third Millennium.

19) With pure Souls, let us elevate the words that rule us with the Divine Master: to serve.

20) And so may we serve our Greater Brother Paiva Netto in greatly conducting the progress of the incarnate Spirits to the higher purposes of spiritual evolution.

21) Let us transform our minds and our arms into the physical vessel of Jesus, our Lord.

* Triple Harmony with Jesus — As defined by the Religion of the Third Millennium, it is comprised of Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Actions.

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