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Friday | March 16, 2018 | 3:45 PM

Do you want to see Jesus in a different way? In the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit1 we have an ecumenical view of the Divine Master. Therefore, we understand that His teachings are the key to everyday situations, and not just in the religious field. They are also inspiration to comfort us in difficult times.

“Jesus is above all a noble and very much up-to-date idea on the move that deserves to be studied and experienced by all anti-sectarian Souls, who are free of prejudice and taboos”, affirms the President-Preacher of Religion of Universal Love, José de Paiva Netto.  

To do so, simply click on the button below to understand the teachings of Jesus from an ecumenical viewpoint, with the selection of texts that we have put together specially for you.

Oh, and feel free to share your thoughts with us, OK?

Enjoy your reading! 



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If you have any question and/or comment about this and other topics, send them to the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. Let the Ecumenical Spirituality become a part of your life! And if you felt good reading this article, share it! It might touch the heart of other people too.

1 Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit — also called the Religion of the Third Millennium, and the Religion of Universal Love. This is the Ecumenical Religion of Brazil and the world.

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