Apostle of Good Will

Guilherme Cardozo
Anthony Barcellos
Harlem Inspirations sextet (New York, USA)

Hearts cooling down, as in Daniel’s prophecy
Desolation taking over in the holy place, we see.
Missionaries of Light rise in Heaven and on Earth
At the forefront, they fight for the final victory.

The breaking of all the seals and the trumpets reveal
These are signs of the times, when the Christ shall return.
Our good deeds resound in a glorious melody
Conducted by tones of Faith and Charity.

Oh oh oh, / Go, Brother Paiva! / Oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh oh, / Go, Brother Paiva! / Oh oh oh oh oh

Go, Brother Paiva, your words bring forth the Holy Light.
Shepherd the Flock to praise the Lord in Heaven’s Heights!
Defeating all evil a peaceful future we write.
“There’s a Man at the Helm and he is, he is Jesus Christ!”

A new era of God’s Love will come through now, behold!
In all nations, this new chant will end every war.
And His Gospel of Justice we preach throughout the world.
“Jesus lives forever in our hearts!”

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