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The Ecumenical Meeting of the New Commandment of Jesus at Home encourages study, reflection, prayer, and Peace for the family.

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Tuesday | April 04, 2017 | 10:15 AM

The Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spiritencourages its followers and supporters to hold an ecumenical ceremony once a week aimed at strengthening the family.

This fraternal meeting results from a family initiative, but it can also bring together friends and neighbors. In addition to a healthy dialogue, the moment leads to study, reflection, and prayer. The tranquility established in the home during the meeting helps the participants overcome their daily challenges, prevents any climate of conflict, and promotes union.



With regard to this important ceremony the President-Preacher of the Religion of the Third Millennium, Paiva Netto, teaches us: 

“In addition to taking part in the large meetings that take place every week in the Ecumenical Churches of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, religious-ecumenical meetings are arranged by followers in Family Churches, when relatives, friends, and neighbors congregate to study the Ecumenical Doctrine of the Religion of the Third Millennium. This is when they read and meditate deeply on the doctrinal books of the Divine Religion, and this attracts to the home the Celestial Phalanxes that protect those who are truly worthy of their protection. As a result, the family receives the blessings of the Heavenly Father and strengthens its ties of Love, which is the solid basis of implanting the Only Flock of Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, the Divine Statesman, on Earth and in the Heaven of the Earth, faithfully complying with the criteria contained in this publication. People, thus reinvigorated by the inseparable union around our Sublime Master, overcome the challenges they face in current times," 

extract from the book, Paiva Netto e a Proclamação do Novo Mandamento de Jesus — A saga heroica de Alziro Zarur (1914-1979) na Terra [Paiva Netto and the Proclamation of the New Commandment of Jesus - The heroic saga of Alziro Zarur (1914–1979) on Earth], the first publication of the Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, the Divine Statesman Academy, page 141.

Do you also want to hold this ceremony in your own home? See our suggestions on how to organize it:

Step by step 

God’s Peace in Your Home 

It might be difficult for the family to get organized in the beginning, but don’t worry, because this will soon become a habit.

If you wish, you can ask for an ecumenical preacher from the Religion of the Third Millennium to be present in your home. He/ She can help lead the meeting. 

If you live in more distant regions, you can also request the help of an ecumenical preacher via the Internet in English, Esperanto, French, or Spanish. 

Send us an e-mail if you wish. Click here!

Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit — also called the Religion of the Third Millennium, and the Religion of Universal Love. This is the Ecumenical Religion of Brazil and abroad. 

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