32 years of the Temple of Good Will: Jesus — the Eternal Source of Our Perseverance!

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Thursday | October 14, 2021 | 9:00 AM

Before the pandemic, the Temple of Good Will (TGW), which is located in Brasília (Brazil), received visitors throughout the year, especially on October 21st—day of its anniversary.

Following all COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the health of its pilgrims, the monument celebrated its 32nd anniversary with an online programme.

This allowed pilgrims from many parts of the world to turn their homes into an extension of the TGW, the Spiritual Headquarters of the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit.

Join us for the celebration of this special date in the history of the Temple of Peace, a sacred monument that inspires us to persevere in Goodness and to respect all creatures. These are values taught by Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, the Divine Statesman.

October 21’s Programme

The Good Will Media (radio, TV, and the Internet) had a special programme that ran the whole day, its theme being: “Jesus — the eternal source of our perseverance!”

The most anticipated moment was the speech given by Brother José de Paiva Netto, the monument’s creator.

Reprodução BVTV

Brother José de Paiva Netto, the monument’s creator. 

Throughout the day: Ecumenical Act, ceremony of the Ecumenical Anointing in the Christ of God, Meeting of the Legionnaire Couples, moments of prayer, ecumenical studies, tributes to families, and much more.


TGW’s anniversary celebrations

Various events took place during the month of October, the highlight being on 19 and 20, with the LGW’s Spirit and Science World Forum that addressed the topic “Life and Death in Dialogue.”

Vivian R. Ferreira

The online transmission in Portuguese on YouTube was simultaneously translated into English and Spanish.

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For further information, please send a message via WhatsApp: +1 (973) 462-9270 or Facebook. 

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