World Religion Day

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Thursday | January 23, 2020 | 4:10 PM

World Religion Day* celebrated on January 21st, invites human beings to exercise Fraternity and, even walking different paths, to accomplish these goals: mutual understanding, an ecumenical coexistence, and the victory of Good. The Religion of God, the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit points out a Universalist vision of Jesus: "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." (Gospel of Jesus according to Mark 16:15)

The Temple of Good Will (TGW) in Brasília, Brazil, is the spiritual headquarters of the Religion of the Third Millenium. When you enter its spaces no one will question about your beliefs or disbeliefs, philosophy, politics party . . . You only need goodwill in your heart to meet and contemplate its inspiring surroundings. In the Brazilian capital, the TGW is the most visited monument of pilgrims from many parts of Brazil and the world, according to official data from the Secretariat of Tourism of the Federal District (SETUR-DF).

Recently, the ParlaMundi of the LGW, which integrates the Ecumenical Complex of the Legion of Good Will, hosted an important meeting between religious leaderships to discuss the respect of free will and religious diversity.

José Gonçalo

Religious leaderships meeting at the ParlaMundi.

In October 2019 happened the Spirit and Science World Forum of the Legion of Good Will, which had the participation of many religious representations besides respectable scientists at ParlaMundi.

Vivian R. Ferreira
Andrew Newberg at the Spirit and Science World Forum of the Legion of Good Will

Writer Paiva Netto, in his article “Religion does not rhyme with intolerance”, exalts the importance of understanding and respect between different beliefs by an ecumenical coexistence among people. The author highlights:

I fail to see Religion as an arena where many beliefs meet to settle their points of view, in their struggle to defend their principles or God, who is Love to begin with and who cannot approve manifestations of hate in His Holy name, neither does He require anyone’s raging in defense on His behalf. Alziro Zarur (1914-1979) used to say that “the greatest criminal in the world is he who preaches hate in the name of God”.

I understand Religion as Solidarity, a Respect for Life, an Enlightenment of the Spirit that we all are. I can only understand it as something dynamic, alive, pragmatic, as something altruistically fulfilling and that opens up paths of light in one’s soul. For this reason, it must stand on the forefront of ethics.

I would be unable to understand Religion if it were not working in a sensible manner to transform the unhappy reality that still persecutes all people. These people are even more in need of God who is the antidote for the moral and spiritual maladies and, in consequence, for the social problems, which include the degenerating immobilism, sectarianism and intolerance that blind the Souls of crowds of people. (…) And, one cannot ever leave out atheists from any measures that can benefit the world.

Ruiz Lopes e Alziro Genari
Under the leadership of Paiva Netto, the public crowds into the Maracanãzinho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

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* Initiated in 1950 after the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháʼís of the United States.

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