Spiritual Support Received from the Magazine

​The Legionnaire Sister Alcione Neves writes a letter to the Jesus is Arriving! magazine.

Da Redação*
Thursday | November 22, 2018 | 12:00 PM
Arquivo Pessoal

I congratulate our dear Brother Paiva for expanding the JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine, now in English, here in the United States of America. I was thrilled with this news. I appreciate and love this publication, because its content [of the edition in Portuguese] helped me a lot while obtaining a college degree in Languages, and it always helps me in my spiritual life.

In this magazine, one can read about Art, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Pedagogy, and so many other topics that talk about human knowledge and, above all, about the Politics of God and the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

During my course, every time that professors brought something new to class, it wasn’t so new for me, because I had already read about something related to the topic in this highly respected magazine.

Now, this wonderful country that welcomes us, the USA, will also have the chance to enjoy this important publication.

While some people in the world walk towards “destruction,” Brother Paiva brings us this beautiful construction. Jesus doesn’t abandon His children; He said that He would be with us every day, until the end of the world. And He will be indeed, speaking to our hearts through the JESUS IS ARRIVING! magazine.

I thank Brother Paiva so much for his dedication and Love for all of us. May God continue to bless his noble mission.

*Alcione Neves 
Nashua, New Hampshire

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