The Good Child’s Prayer

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Wednesday | November 21, 2018 | 11:55 AM
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The Good Child’s Prayer

A prayer written by Leopoldo Machado (1891-1957),  Legionnaire of Good Will #2: 

Lord, You give me everything:
Life, health, strength, and intelligence!
However, I have not given You
       [anything yet, Lord,
But I hope to give You many things
While I am a child!

I promise to honor You
Through my willingness to be obedient
To my parents, to my teachers, and
       [at home,
And to be good to all people.
And also in my willingness
To help, Lord, to help
By practicing good actions,
Without ever hurting or mistreating
The little ones or the animals.
I want to be a good child.
[I am a good child.]

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