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The Legionnaire Brother Luiz Fernando Ribeiro writes a letter to the Jesus is Arriving! magazine.

Da Redação*
Thursday | November 22, 2018 | 12:10 PM

When I travel abroad, I always take with me the !JESÚS ESTÁ LLEGANDO! magazine (Spanish version) to work as a Deacon of Good Will, in the Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit.

Arquivo Pessoal
The couple Maria da Glória Gomes and Luiz Fernando Ribeiro (L), while visiting Texas, with Marisol and Eduardo Briones.

It was with great joy and happiness that I received the news about the launching of the magazine in English. I was anxiously waiting for this very important publication that now will allow me to expand the news about the Triumphal Return of our Divine Master, Guide, and Leader Jesus Christ to countries in other continents where I also have family and friends.

It is a privilege, as a volunteer, to help spread this magazine that really elevates us and nourishes our Souls.

Arquivo Pessoal
Maria and Luiz with their son, Cleyton Gomes Ribeiro, and his wife, Mengzhu Li.

I congratulate the Divine Religion for this vital accomplishment. May Brother Paiva eternally receive all the best from the Christ of God and from His powerful Celestial Angels.

*Luiz Fernando Ribeiro
Houston, Texas

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