How to Talk to Children about the Spiritual World

Angélica Periotto
Tuesday | May 07, 2013 | 2:30 PM

The Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit1 believes that the Spiritual World is the dimension where Spirits, Guardian Angels, Blessed Souls live, as well as our relatives and friends who remain alive even after the phenomenon of death. It is the homeland of all of us, as the President-Preacher of the Religion of the Third Millennium, José de Paiva Netto, teaches us, “we are now body, but we are originally spirit.” Therefore, talking about this still invisible reality, but very present in our lives, is fundamental! This being so, how can we talk to children about the Spiritual World?


Teaching a child is like switching on a light. A basic knowledge that parents and guardians teach is that the dark does not bring fear, but only represents what we still can’t see. By understanding this, the child ends up being released from this fear. In the same way, as we grow, other lights are lit to show us what we had not seen clearly until then. When we discuss learning about the existence of the Spiritual World, the same process occurs, especially because in this case, given everything we still need to discover, we can consider ourselves to be like children, going through the learning process.

But how can we approach this topic without generating fear in children? We can do it through dialogue, in a calm, patient, and loving way! Create quiet moments to talk about the subject, like before the child goes to sleep. In addition to doing good to the spirit of the little one who will sleep better, they will associate spirituality with these good and happy moments shared with the family.


Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ, the Divine Statesman, used this method of patience and love when He brought us His teachings, switching on lights of knowledge in us regarding the eternity of life. An example of this was when He taught us to talk to God, by presenting the Lord's Prayer (the Gospel according to Matthew 6:9-13). Not only did the Heavenly Educator state that the Heavenly Father exists, but He also made dialogue with Him accessible. This is the first lesson to convey to children, the importance of prayer, which must always be followed by good actions.

Gustavo Henrique Lima


Prayer is an important tool for eliminating fear, for children will know that they are not alone; that there are Spirits of God, Guardian Angels, Blessed Souls at their side, protecting them and helping them to take the best decision and attitude in a moment of insecurity. By teaching them this, we also give them the ability to protect themselves spiritually, since the same way that there are good spirits, there are those who have not yet understood the value of Goodness, but who will one day also wake up to this understanding.

On this subject, the noble Dr. Bezerra de Menezes (Spirit, coordinator in the spiritual world of the World Revolution of the Spirits of Light) in a message addressed to children and young people—published in the magazine Jesus está Chegando! [Jesus is Arriving!] edition 107—explains, with simplicity, how they can have protection at home: “In your prayers do not be afraid to ask the Guardian Angels to clean the environment where you live, by taking the spiritual Little Brothers (who suffer disturbances) who need to be recovered to the hospitals in the Spiritual World, because sometimes they draw closer because they see the light of your family environment and want to get better. But they do not always get better immediately, and that is why they need the special treatment that exists in the Spiritual World.” Here we have a clear instruction on how we should guide our children to defend themselves spiritually.

+ Can the spirits have an influence on our decisions?

It is very important to present the Spiritual World and the Spirits of Light to children as well as to adults, because everyone needs to create an inner spiritual strength to better guide their choices at all stages in life. That is why the Religion of Universal Love indicates the Prayer at Home, a sacred and family moment so that everyone can meet on a weekly basis to talk about good things, read content that highlights good values, and pray together. The more the little ones become confident of the protection they have from their Guardian Angels, the more capable they will be of understanding other matters connected to the Spiritual World. See how to organize a Prayer at Home step-by-step.

Gabriel Estevão


 The Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit offers activities aimed at preparing the Little Soldiers of God (as the children in the Religion of Universal Love are kindly called) for life. They are carried out through the Living on Values and Ecumenical Spirituality (L.O.V.E.S) lessons. They take place in environments of learning and joy, in which children talk about the teachings of Jesus that are found in His Gospel and Apocalypse, and recognize the universal values He presents to us, such as respect, union, and caring for others. The educational and playful activities are carried out according to each age group.

Gabriela Marinho

New Jersey, USA. 


Created by educator José de Paiva Netto, the Forum aims to offer a fraternal and pleasant space for families and the development of new generations, as the creator of the event explains with regard to the value of the little ones: “In these meetings they can increasingly and in the best way possible joyfully develop an acute sense of freedom of thought. They practice the art of expressing themselves in a balanced, clear, and practical way, never forgetting to talk about how to achieve the proposals they selected. Above all, they cultivate respect for the point of view of others.” The Forum is already in its 15th edition, and until March 2018, the little ones will develop a series of activities on the theme: “In tune with the heart, I communicate Peace!”

Sandra Fernandez
New Jersey, USA. 

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1 Religion of God, of the Christ, and of the Holy Spirit — also called the Religion of the New Commandment of Jesus, the Religion of the Third Millennium, and the Religion of Universal Love. This is the Ecumenical Religion of Brazil and the world.

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